Corporate Blog Design – Internet Business Promotion

Blog design - Business promotion, SEO

Blogs are spreading everywhere and are now widely known, gaining greater acceptance and popularity among internet users.

What exactly is a blog?

A blog can be classified as a type of website or part of a website that is updated regularly and contains entries or commentary or descriptions of events. They appear in reverse chronological order. Some blogs focus on a particular topic, such as tech-news, social media, gadgets or web design. Others are more like personal journals, presenting the author’s thoughts.

The term blog is an abbreviation of the phrase weblog or web log, and the activity of writing on a blog is called blogging. The person who keeps a blog is called blogger. In simple terms, a blog is a site where you write posts on an ongoing basis. It is actually a modern channel of information, expression and dialogue.

How can a blog promote your business?

Reciprocal Relationship Building

A blog can be used as a channel of communication and interaction between you and your customers. It makes your business more accessible and human.

Viral Marketing (word of mouth marketing)

Viral marketing refers to techniques that are used to disseminate information by “word of mouth”, where the consumer constitutes the advertisement transmission medium. Modern consumers take into greater account the opinion of their social environment which forms the main source of information. Blogs are a perfect tool to encourage open communication and information sharing.

Product / Service Development

By creating a dialogue with end users of a product or a service, you are given the opportunity to use their comments and suggestions to improve / develop your product or services.

Τechnical Support

A blog can be established to provide technical support to customers and also serves as a platform for information and knowledge exchange.

Distinction, Transparency and Professionalism

A blog can set you apart from your competition. It constitutes an ideal forum to demonstrate your experience and gives you transparency, since it is a more authentic voice for your business.

Website Promotion – SEO

Τhe frequent publication of articles and features like comments, trackbacks and rss feeds is a solid basis for optimizing (SEO) and promoting your website. With regular posts, an SEO friendly structure and categorised content, blogs are easily tracked by search engines and usually get high rankings in search results for relevant keywords.