Article Marketing

Marketing campaignArticle marketing is an important strategy to increase traffic and promote your website.

What exactly is article marketing?

Article marketing is the practice of writing and publishing articles that focus on keywords related to your website, products or provided services. When the articles are published on article directories / syndication sites, they will increase traffic and attract more targeted visitors.Also, by placing a link to your website within the content of the article, you can lead the reader to your site for more information.

Good quality articles with well chosen content that are placed in the appropriate subject categories will become a link bait for other websites.

For example, suppose you have a business that specializes in the planning and organization of business premises. When you publish an article on office organization, you are enabling third parties who write articles with the same or related topic to mention you and link to your website. The result of this process leads to increased traffic and visibility, of your website and business. Eventually it icreases your page rank (PR), link popularity, and places your website among the top search engine results for your business related keywords.

The main benefits of an article marketing campaign are:

  • Increased targeted traffic to your website
  • Higher exposure, reputation and visibility of your company to its target market
  • More reasons for users to visit your website repeatedly
  • Higher page rank in search results for relevant keywords, due to the increasing number of inbound links (links from external websites on your site)