Cyprus SEO Services – Website search engine optimization

SEO Services - Website search engine optimization

According to studies, 75% of new visitors to your website find your website via web search engines. Websites based on sales revenue need internet marketing to increase web traffic. Therefore, it is worth investing in the most economical and effective way to achieve high rankings on search engines; and that is through organic search engine optimization (organic SEO), which will optimize and promote your website.

A website without SEO is like a television ad, that is never screened on TV.

Why choose us?

Our search engine optimization and internet marketing services are based on 100% organic SEO methods. This way your website will appear in “natural” search engine results for various keywords, without extensive advertising costs or paid listing in Google. Organic SEO is the most economical and efficient way to implement the online promotion of your website. If you are considering hiring an SEO consultant to optimize your website, you are on the right track!


Novel Web Designs guarantees:
  • Better rankings on search engine results
  • Higher website traffic, and consequently
  • Increased sales
How much does SEO cost?

The cost of optimizing and promoting each website varies, depending on multiple factors, such as:

  • SEO techniques already applied to your website
  • Ranking of your website for various keywords that interest you
  • Keyword competition
  • Number of keywords for which you want to optimize your website
  • Popularity of the company’s brand
  • Age of your domain name

Pay after the first results of SEO

The total cost of search engine optimization is paid after the onset and stabilization of the site on the first page of Google results.